Join us November 12 in Amsterdam for a day of PPN Events!


From the ground UP

A day of inspiring workshops and movement labs guided by special guest Kelly Kane.

PPN Convention

Join us for the first annual PPN Member Meeting!

Pilates Chair pre-sale

The chance to buy a new Pilates Chair with extra discount and free of delivery costs.

"Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit" — Joseph Pilates


The PPN strives to uphold quality in the Pilates industry and contributes to the responsible practice and teaching of Pilates in the Netherlands. PPN and its network embrace all accredited schools, approaches and styles.

PPN is a legislative voice for teachers and students and extends its influence by actively building bridges between the Pilates community and the latest developments in movement science and therapy.


The original Pilates method includes around 600 exercises for mat and apparatus. Today countless modifications of these original exercises exist as well as a booming industry for Pilates equipment.

We strive to keep PPN members well informed about the latest developments in the field. PPN offers a professional platform in the Netherlands for this qualified ocupation. We join forces to optimize the level of the teachers and to reach as many people as possible in an open dialogue with the professional field.


PPN membership gives you access to technical resources, training, networking opportunities and expert guidance – everything Pilates professionals need to be successful.     

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